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Waters at Doe Hey

The reservoirs were constructed in about 1850 to provide water for a bleach works. After the bleach works ceased trading, Bolton Rivers Angling Society leased the waters for several years. In 1971 the members of the Society set up The Doe Hey Reservoir Company Limited and the land was purchased.

There are two waters, the larger is Higher Doe Hey Reservoir (top water) which is 5.3 acres in area and has 46 pegs, the other is Lower Doe Hey Reservoir (bottom water) which is 3.0 acres in area and has 35 pegs. There is also a pond which is used for introduction of new fish stock. The waters are fed by Doe Hey Brook which runs from the west from the area of the Great Lever and Farnworth golf course.

Fish stocks in both waters are made up of carp, bream, tench, crucians, chub, roach, rudd, perch and gudgeon. There are also pike in the bottom water. Generally the larger fish are in the bottom water.

Both waters are surrounded by woodlands which are owned by the society, comprising oak, sycamore, ash and beech trees, with alder, hawthorn, holly and hazel shrubbery, which all provide protection and shelter to the waters and their pegs.

Membership is now restricted to 150 full paying members. Access for members is via six gates, three on the top water and three on the bottom water. Fishing is allowed 24/7 all year. All gates have suited padlocks, and every member has a key. We have a private car park for the use of members.

Day tickets for visitors can be purchased.